Researching and Discovering your Targeted Market is Probably the Most Important thing A Small Business will Do When It Comes To Digital Marketing and Promoting Your Business.

When I was working at developing my Targeted Market, I discovered a local Online Directory to be very complete it included Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, and even Website details.

Most B2B Companies I would suggest checking out your local Gainesville Chamber of Commerce,  visit Florida is also a good resource, and take taking a look at the Small Business Association

Americas SBDC Florida – SBDC (Small Business Development Center) provide several tools and expertise to help Florida’s small businesses to succeed. So, it is worth checking out

Targeted Market

For one of my clients, who is in the landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Industry in Gainesville Florida.

I suggested hitting the phone book (What is that?)  in the locations he wanted to focus on providing his landscaping and Lawn Maintenance services.

I told him to give a call about every 10th, 20th or 30th name in the book.

In my case, the participant might quickly inform me that I was asking concerns about websites, they most likely figure that my service has something to do with sites.

The reason I am calling is that I am doing some Targeted Market research study for my Company (Small Business) we are thinking about opening up a local branch in your neighborhood and was hoping I could get some feedback for a homeowner such as yourself?

I Hate Lead Generation by Cold Calling

Long prior to I started my service, I recognized that I was not proficient at telephone sales and that I would need to produce leads in another way.

I developed a foolproof way to generate those leads, interest in me, and my company, through using telephone Targeted Marketing research.

There are lots of benefits of doing Targeted Marketing research consisting of the ability to learn more about my audiences habits and viewpoints, honing messages and discussions based upon genuine, first hand actions, along with, to evaluate out brand-new messages or theories prior to broad release.

As a site developer and specialist, my big Targeted Market is services and my primary target group is small company owners. To contact these owners, I would require access to their contact details.

For my target Targeted Market, I found a regional company advancement directory to be very complete consisting of names, addresses, phone numbers and site details.


For other Business-to-Business companies I may suggest the regional Chamber of Commerce or Business Association.

For a client of mine, who is in the property care and landscaping industry, I was able to suggest striking the phone book in the locations he wanted to produce company in and call every twentieth or thirtieth name in the book.

The only requirements his respondent had to meet, was that they are a homeowner or property owner.


Developing A Marketing Strategy That Works For you and Your Business

The primary step in this process was to develop the survey. To do that you initially require to identify the topic of the study. This should also relate directly to the message you wish to communicate to the lead. For my business, I wished to find out one of 2 things, if the respondent had a website what were the situations, experiences and viewpoints of having it or if the respondent didn’t have a site the situations and reasons for not.

Tuning in and Listening to the Prospect

As you can see, these concerns associate with just one particular service – websites. This permits the participant to easily understand what discipline you are talking about so that when you switch to providing your message they are already thinking about that topic. In my case, the participant could quickly inform me that I was asking questions about sites, they most likely figure that my organization has something to do with sites.

Learning How to Keep Your questions Open-ended

The survey concerns need to be as open-ended as possible. This is not clinical, as it can not be quantified in little sample sizes, but it is the best method to avoid leading the participant to a perceived response. In my own personal experience, this type of study is the finest left to academics.
Keep Things Brief There ought to disappear than 10 to 15 concerns on the survey. The fewer concerns and the more open-ended the better the dialogue with the respondent and the better the info.

Learning How to wrap up the leaving Prospect feeling Good about the Call

At the end of the study when I ask if they have an interest in more information about my business and services they already have an idea of what to anticipate and are most likely to be open up to hear and get my message since there is not a surprise and I was not beating them over the head with the message. I simply made them consider their website or absence thereof.



Script = Professionalism

Once you have developed your survey you should compose a script. I know – I can hear your sighs now – you don’t want to sound like a robot or just another telemarketed Marketer however the usage of a script will guarantee that you sound like an expert. The worst thing you can do is to call up somebody and begin in with, “Uuuhhmmm, could I speak to – uuuhhmmm �”.

Your script must include a short intro. The reason I am calling is that I am doing some Targeted Market research for my service services business in your area and I wanted to get some feedback from fellow service owners, like yourself.”.
Note that I didn’t point out the name of my company. This reveals the participant that I am an individual contacting us to speak to another person – individuals like to talk with individuals and not organizations.

Getting Rid Of the Common Objection.

The next words that come off the script are really important, “I am not going to try to offer you anything, and I simply wish to ask a couple of questions to assist in planning my organization.”.

This has actually worked every time to break through the, “I’m not going to listen to a sales pitch” instinct that numerous business owners and customers have actually established throughout the years.

Making the Request for the prospects Time

Now that I have actually broken through their resistance I am able to request authorization and their time to do the study. Be considerate of the participant’s time by making sure that the survey might be completed in less than 5 minutes.
When the study is complete you should conclude by thanking the respondent for assisting you with your research.
The Targeted Marketing Starts Now – Actually it Already Started.

The Targeted Marketing part is next. In closing, you ought to quickly introduce your business and the service being Targeted Marketed. An example would be,

“Thank you, Mr. Adams, for all your assistance. I would like to let you know that my business, Joe’s Flowers is a local flower store that focuses on plans and styles from North American plants and flowers. Would you be intrigued in getting more details about our services and our business?”.

After addressing concerns in your survey about flowers and their purchasing routines they are probably ready to discover more details about your business and its services or products. Get their mailing address and/ or email address and any other information you need to send them the details you desire.

Develop your Marketing Funnel Plan out what to SEnd

Sending out the info about your organization can make or break this relationship. You have already gotten willing approval to send out details to the participant – now you need to send them something that will lead them to choose to purchase your product and services or refer a friend or associate.

The contents of the information plan – be it electronic or print- ought to be a letter of intro and thanks for the participation in the survey and some totally free and beneficial information that they will associate with regarding your service or product.

This info plan is an initial step to a continuous relationship that will enable you to support goodwill and relationships with people who are thinking about your business. The participants will be anticipating some type of Targeted Marketing message however do not exaggerate it.


 Pushing too hard to close a sale at this phase will not deal with this piece. This is not a direct mail promo so do not treat it. That being stated do not think twice to place value and seriousness on the message. Use benefit-oriented copy to entice readers to take some kind of action.

Follow-up Will Make the Sale – Well Some Anyway.

As you bring the respondents closer to your service’s items and or services by supplying valuable info and examples of how it can better their lives numerous will select to purchase your services and products.

That’s Giving up the Cold Call 

You have now simply check out a terrific method to expose you organization to new Targeted Markets, new people, discover more about those Targeted Markets and people, and get your message out – all with nothing more than a telephone and a list of the telephone number.

 What is best is that you had the ability to get individuals to willingly accept your message without the stress and anxiety and resistance of a sales call